2016 is almost gone

on Dec 6, 2016

Yay! It’s been quite the year; I did my very last show for 2016 this past weekend, and am going to take some time to recombobulate before diving into 2017’s schedule — which starts January 15th at Arisia in Boston on the convention front, and the 28th at “Pancakes & Booze” in Seattle for in-person shows. You can see my full show schedule here. Since the most common question asked at my last two shows was “do you have an etsy?” I have given in started an etsy shop, and jewelry listings will start appearing there soon. My artfire shop will probably continue to be my main online shop, however, as they are not quite so crazy with the fees as...

Texas and Christmas

on Sep 21, 2016

Here’s a sneak peak of the pieces I sent to the Fencon art show in Dallas for this coming weekend: Holiday craft shows are coming up soon, and a big crop of new supplies have heading my way — including Christmas tree ornaments.  While I’m waiting for everything to arrive, I’m doing my testing and prototyping on media beyond glass, and so harvested a fine basket of goodies to test and/or upcycle from my local goodwill: (I won’t be painting the skull socks. Those are for my daughter.) The most recommended sealant to make mugs dishwasher safe takes 28 days to cure and is apparently tricky to apply correctly, so I don’t know that dishwasher-safe mugs will make it in time for the holidays, but clearly the time to start is...

A little (magenta) sunshine

on Sep 6, 2016

  I’m loving this new ring form — is the outside swirl a sun, or a diagram of an atom? You choose. Adjustable ring; center cabochon is 1 inch in diameter.