I’m back!

on Aug 27, 2021

As the covid-19 restrictions slowly lift, I am slowly beginning again on this work, with lots of new ideas.  I am now cancer-free, and my children are now back in-person at school, which makes it much easier to think and get things done!  And so, I have TWO shows coming up: September 25th: Pancakes and Booze, my perennial favorite evening of carbs and art and (usually decent) DJs. November 27 and 28 (Turkey Day Weekend) – the return of GeekCraftExpo . This is a ticketed event, so there will be room to breathe!

illness blues

on Mar 20, 2020

Like so many of us, I am now in “self-isolation” due to the coronavirus outbreak, plus two kids at home for who knows how long, plus cancer treatment. I’m taking this opportunity to explore some mediums I’ve either taken a long break from, or haven’t yet learned, specifically charcoal (old, messy friend) and pastels (new, probably messy, hopefully friend.) We’ll see how it goes. If anyone else is going to join me in having distraction art materials sent, I’m exceedingly fond of Dick Blick. And hopefully I’ll finally get that darn online store set up.

this is what I do on my weekend off

on Apr 20, 2019

At Sakuracon for the day. It feels really odd to be in the dealer’s room at the convention center when I’m not actually working. Instagram filter used: Normal Photo taken at: Washington State Convention Center View in Instagram ⇒