New moon phase coasters

on Dec 12, 2018

Will there be an end to me designing new coasters and new riffs on the phases of the moon anytime soon? Probably not. 😸 These will be with me at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Holiday Bizarre Bazaar this Saturday. View in Instagram ⇒

More space for your home

on Nov 23, 2018

Final coats of varnish and wax going on, and then everything is ready for GeekCraftExpo this weekend! View in Instagram ⇒

Getting inky

on Nov 20, 2018

Because right before a huge show is the perfect time to start getting really serious about a new medium! Woodblock prints are .only. going to be at GeekCraftExpo if the Speedball Fairy watches over me, but I expect to have some at Winterfest. I remember this being easier in elementary school. With the potatoes. But I can’t carve a proper telescope into a potato. View in Instagram ⇒