Custom astrology pendants and new online shop!

on Oct 19, 2021

I am entering the exciting world of custom products with a design I’ve been fiddling at for several years — a pendant showcasing the astrological “natal triad” — Sun, Moon and Ascendant (aka Rising) Signs. And, part and parcel with offering something like this is I finally have a proper online store setup! Stuff is being added slowly, since my one of a kind work in glass remains ridiculously difficult to photograph well, but more will be added steadily over time. Shipping is currently free!

I’m back!

on Aug 27, 2021

As the covid-19 restrictions slowly lift, I am slowly beginning again on this work, with lots of new ideas.  I am now cancer-free, and my children are now back in-person at school, which makes it much easier to think and get things done!  And so, I have TWO shows coming up: September 25th: Pancakes and Booze, my perennial favorite evening of carbs and art and (usually decent) DJs. November 27 and 28 (Turkey Day Weekend) – the return of GeekCraftExpo . This is a ticketed event, so there will be room to breathe!

illness blues

on Mar 20, 2020

Like so many of us, I am now in “self-isolation” due to the coronavirus outbreak, plus two kids at home for who knows how long, plus cancer treatment. I’m taking this opportunity to explore some mediums I’ve either taken a long break from, or haven’t yet learned, specifically charcoal (old, messy friend) and pastels (new, probably messy, hopefully friend.) We’ll see how it goes. If anyone else is going to join me in having distraction art materials sent, I’m exceedingly fond of Dick Blick. And hopefully I’ll finally get that darn online store set up.

refillable ring-bound wood notebooks are here!

on Feb 16, 2019

The first three designs in my refillable notebook line are ready! These hold half-letter pages, and are punched to fit standard 3 and 7 hold half-letter (Avery, Office Depot) paper and Franklin Covey planner pages. (A5/Filofax variant available by custom order.) Introductory price is $29, which includes 50 pages of heavy weight blank white paper.

New stockist!

on Jan 6, 2019

Here are just a few examples of pieces that will be available at the Startorialist roving Boothtique at AAS223 this coming week! I am thrilled to be joining the amazing array of talents Startorialist has put together. View in Instagram ⇒

2016 is almost gone

on Dec 6, 2016

Yay! It’s been quite the year; I did my very last show for 2016 this past weekend, and am going to take some time to recombobulate before diving into 2017’s schedule — which starts January 15th at Arisia in Boston on the convention front, and the 28th at “Pancakes & Booze” in Seattle for in-person shows. You can see my full show schedule here. Since the most common question asked at my last two shows was “do you have an etsy?” I have given in started an etsy shop, and jewelry listings will start appearing there soon. My artfire shop will probably continue to be my main online shop, however, as they are not quite so crazy with the fees as Etsy.