moon choosing time

on Jan 2, 2019

Time for the “which moon with which wood” pendant dance – these aren’t attached yet, and several will undoubtedly find a different home before epoxy day. Once they are permanently paired, the crescent and half moon engraved areas will be painted white or silver to match.Top line is basswood, bottom is cherry, and the solo on the side is walnut. View in Instagram...

new moons

on Dec 29, 2018

Basswood triple moon pendants are back in stock, and I did some experimenting – a larger triple moon in maple, and a full moon pin in walnut. I’m not sure how I feel about them, and would appreciate feedback. (The moon pin is about 3/4 inch, for size reference.) View in Instagram ⇒

Floating Earth

on Jul 22, 2018

This was supposed to go to ConJose but I can’t part with it yet. A departure from my usual technique, it’s all “forward” painted, the planet is acrylic on wood, with the base alcohol ink and dimensional glaze on metal. I started it several years ago as separate pieces, and am not completely clear on how I got that effect on the metal, so I haven’t the foggiest idea if I can make another or what I should charge for it. View in Instagram ⇒

Statement necklaces for WorldCon

on Jul 20, 2018

Three just finished necklaces that will be in the @worldcon2018 art show! View in Instagram ⇒

A little (magenta) sunshine

on Sep 6, 2016

  I’m loving this new ring form — is the outside swirl a sun, or a diagram of an atom? You choose. Adjustable ring; center cabochon is 1 inch in diameter.

Klimtian Sky

on Nov 1, 2015

1 inch hand-painted pendant; reverse painted on glass cabochon