this is what I do on my weekend off

on Apr 20, 2019

At Sakuracon for the day. It feels really odd to be in the dealer’s room at the convention center when I’m not actually working. Instagram filter used: Normal Photo taken at: Washington State Convention Center View in Instagram ⇒

snowpocalypse 2019

on Feb 9, 2019

Snowpocalypse is pretty if you don’t need to go anywhere. The only sound outside is the birds occasionally knocking snow off a branch.   View in Instagram ⇒

my ankle may be broken but the work keeps going

on Jan 20, 2019

The kids hung out with me and chatted and peeled masking paper off things I cut on the laser today. Most of those bezels will be filled with painted glass by Monday and will be with me Saturday at Pancakes and Booze at El Corazon in Seattle or heading east to Farpoint2019 in Baltimore. It’s very nice to have company while I’m laid up because of the fracture, and I’m always happy to have help with the fiddly task that is taking off masking. View in Instagram ⇒

tis the season

on Dec 23, 2018

Heading out to finish my holiday shopping! Way less stressful than the mall, I encourage everyone to #shoplocal and #shopindie Photo taken at: Artist & Craftsman Supply Seattle View in Instagram ⇒

Poppin tags

on Jun 6, 2018

Found the telescope I had just been considering online at Seattle Goodwill for $13. Life is good. View in Instagram ⇒

Texas and Christmas

on Sep 21, 2016

Here’s a sneak peak of the pieces I sent to the Fencon art show in Dallas for this coming weekend: Holiday craft shows are coming up soon, and a big crop of new supplies have heading my way — including Christmas tree ornaments.  While I’m waiting for everything to arrive, I’m doing my testing and prototyping on media beyond glass, and so harvested a fine basket of goodies to test and/or upcycle from my local goodwill: (I won’t be painting the skull socks. Those are for my daughter.) The most recommended sealant to make mugs dishwasher safe takes 28 days to cure and is apparently tricky to apply correctly, so I don’t know that dishwasher-safe mugs will make it in time for the holidays, but clearly the time to start is now.