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According to the New York Times, people like me are now a trend:

On to Plan B: Starting a Business.


Even though doing art and art services full-time was definitely not my plan for 2009, there is a lot about it I am really enjoying, especially getting to put my (scrupulously gloved) fingers on other people’s art; just this morning I sent off a packet of fabulous giclees of Salsa Dancing paintings to Alla Bespalov, and I’m in intial talks with a woman who does lovely watercolor florals.

Also, my mailbox today produced test prints from a new lab that is wooing me (it does feel nice to be wooed. It would feel nicer if they didn’t block up their shadows, though…) and a copy of Kelly McKernan‘s 30 Paintings; it’s nice to be able to see on paper, even if only reproduction, this series I have been watching develop. I am particularly impressed with her very distinctive blending of photography and painting; also, between her and Laura Pelick, I become increasingly impatient to try working on tea-stained paper.

My oldest daughter starts kindergarten in exactly one week, which will mean that I will no longer trying to be an almost full-time artist/business person and an almost full-time stay at home mom; I expect my stress level to drop considerably, and might actually be able to finish the new pieces I’m hoping to show at Foolscap.

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