Back from Oregon and back to portraiture

I’m back from Encausticamp, which was awesome, and that should eventually result in a) pictures of my favorite pieces I did there + a camp report and b) a whole lot of new encaustics; it’s been way too long since there has actually been new “hot wax” on this blog!

But before I can dive into all that, I need to resume with the Sofobomo [SOlo PHOto BOok in a MOnth] project I started just before I left; there will be one more shoot (probably this coming weekend, contact me if you are interested, same guidelines as in the original call for models) and here are a few, half-finished image; truthfully, I’m barely through my first edit, but these just leapt out at me:


Miski A.


Laura M.


Janey S.

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  1. Elizabeth A-T said,

    July 26, 2011 @ 12:31 pm

    I love your work! I wish I could be in line to model, but I live in Oregon. :p lol My daughter is an aspiring photographer who does a lot of work in scenery and pregnant women.

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