Norwescon 2014 panel schedule

I can haz panels: (editorial comments in italics)

Escher Girls and the Hawkeye Initiative
Thu 10:00pm-11:00pm Cascade 13
Escher Girls, the Hawkeye Initiative, and Jim Hines Cover Posing project have all pointed out the crimes of wildly inaccurate anatomy and ludicrous poses the warrior women of genre book covers & comics are subjected to daily. How do we do it better, both as artists and voices of sanity?
Jeliza Patterson-McGuire (M), Lee Moyer

I am super excited about this panel and would love folks to show up who don’t usually pay attention to art track, since it is just as relevant to comics, feminism, etc. Tell your friends. 🙂

Indulge Your Inner Kindergartener
Fri Noon-1:00pm Cascade 13
Take time to get down to the arty basics. Fantasy and science fiction themed coloring pages, markers, and colored pencils will be provided. Actual kindergarteners also welcome.

Seriously, this is just me providing coloring pages, markers and a space to play in, totally kid-friendly and no talking head action.

Poly Parenting
Fri 2:00pm-3:00pm Cascade 7&8
And you thought blending households and finances was complicated… What happens when children come into the mix? How do you cope with three or more parenting styles under the same roof? How do you explain things at school? Can you legally protect your rights as a non-biological parent? And what happens if the ex uses your relationship as grounds in a custody battle? Our panel of polyamorous parents may be able to point you in the right direction.
Jeliza Patterson-McGuire (M), Sheye Anne Blaze, Eva-Lise Carlstrom, Amber Clark

Advanced Polyamory
Sat 1:00pm-2:00pm Cascade 7&8
You’ve decided that poly is the way to go, so now what? How do you go about blending households, finances, and lives? What about negotiating (and re-negotiating) boundaries? How do you plan for the long term, and do you need a lawyer? And what if you figure out it’s just not working? Our panelists have a wide variety of experiences, observations, and suggestions to share.
Sheye Anne Blaze (M), Eva-Lise Carlstrom, Jeremy Holcomb, Jeliza Patterson-McGuire

Intro to Health At Every Size
Sat Noon-1:00pm Cascade 2
HAES is not about diets or losing weight – it’s about exercising and eating well with the goal of health, not size. It’s about learning: How to work out without hurting yourself, what foods your body wants and needs to keep you going, how to avoid sacrificing your mental health for an arbitrary definition of fitness, and how to be comfortable in your skin instead of living by a number on a scale. Come share your stories and discover how this health movement is the opposite of giving up.
Mickey Schulz (M), Jen K, Jeliza Patterson-McGuire

Selling Your Art As Prints and Reproductions
Sat 11:00am-Noon Cascade 10
So you’ve finished your piece of art and now you want to make prints so you can sell it to as many people as possible. What is the best way to go about doing this? What the heck is a giclee print anyways? Learn about all your different printing options and where to go for them. Do you really need to spend a lot of money for a high quality print or is there a less expensive but still acceptable middle ground?

Last year I made a handout for this with some technical notes, which you can read/save/print here.

Jeliza Patterson-McGuire (M), Robert Gould, John R. Gray III, Jeff Sturgeon

What Makes Something Art?
Sun 11:00am-Noon Cascade 13
Crafts, just messing around — when does something become art and who decides?
Jeliza Patterson-McGuire (M), SunnyJim Morgan, Betsy Mott, David J. Peterson

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