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Nothing like a deadline to make me suddenly prolific

I’ve now filled out the bid tags for Norwescon next week. 13 pieces, and for the first time since my very first Norwescon art show, every single one is brand new. And only one (!) is a limited edition print, all the rest are mixed-media and jewelry of the OOAK variety.

This is entirely new territory for me; I haven’t faintest idea how much of this will be received, though I had a lot of fun making it, which is the most important part. It has been a great relief to move my fine art efforts to the “neat if it sells, but not something I must make work right now” category. Even if my album design work has sapped much of my art making time and energy, once I do get to go there, the lack of pressure is very freeing. Certainly, if I was worried about having to make a profit, doing experimental reverse painting on glass would not have been something I spent a lot of time on.  And frankly, knowing that my next forays into studio time will lack even the restriction of being genre appropriate is something I am looking forward to.

There is still framing to do, and two pieces need another hour or so to be completely finished, including the photoillustration, which has been sitting waiting in the “this needs something” state for almost two years; three days ago I realized that what it needed were birds and belugas, and I’m not quite done with making those photographs play well with a scene done entirely in Vue3d. And with the other I am still debating placement of the Buddha head. (I love that sentence for no good reason.)

There is a great deal “Why the hell not?” in this collection. And a certain amount of “I have no clue what to charge for this”, though her Javagoth-ness has been helpful on that front (and on many fronts, actually, I don’t think the jewelry thing would have really happened without her advice and pointers to good component sources.)

It is all going to be ridiculously hard to photograph, especially since I still haven’t picked up my studio lights. Or made a place to set them up.

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Breaking radio silence to let you know about some awesome print sales

(that wasn’t actually supposed to be radio silence, I have a big collection of drafted posts that didn’t get published, apparently, which I will fix over the coming weeks, because it is crazy-busy in Jeliza-land, and probably will stay that way for a few months)

Several really wonderful artists I am acquainted with are having special print sales right now that are really worth checking out:

1. Caryn Drexl is having a half-off sale this week only; there is a coupon code at her Etsy shop or you can order prints directly from her (including things not listed in Etsy)  You may well have seen her work on a book cover or two.

2. Laura Pelick is having a 25% off sale on all her prints through the end of August, which are giclee reproductions of her watercolor/tea paintings.

Go get some wonderful things for your walls. Or just go look at the lovely. But at least look, okay?

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Show updates and May special

Just as a quick update, if you want to see my work in person:

  • next weekend, fantasy and science fiction at Norwescon (Sea-Tac); I will also be on a few panels
  • 4 of my Lumen prints will be in the Photographic Center Northwest‘s Alumni New Work Show (Seattle) June 3 – July 15, 2011
  • Several different bodies of work simultaneously at the Night Kitchen, June-ish

Also, in honor of finding another awesome octopus photograph while going through my older film work, May will be Sealife Appreciation Month, with 15% off anything that lives in the briny deep (it was originally going to be Tentacle Appreciation Month, but the starfish felt left out.) I will also be posting 3 or 4 lovely tidepool-denizen photographs that are not yet online, plus the aforementioned octopus.

(The Aforementioned Octopus would be such an awesome band name.)

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Have some pretties

(some of this will be redundant to the LJ crowd, sorry)

3.5 digital pieces just added to my online portfolio. I may or may not have some of them as prints for Norwescon; not sure yet.

And secondly, a new artfire collection:

(that blue pearl bracelet? Someday will be mine. Er, if she can make it fit my mighty wrists.)

Fine Art Paintings

And speaking of my artfire, some pieces (mostly necklaces and some limited edition prints) are about to be made inactive so I can be certain I *have* them for Norwescon, so if you were dallying for some reason, you might want to jump now.
Also, I will *deliver* to Norwescon; just put a note in when you order. That does include the large framed floralscapes.

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Because I like to share…

My lab is currently running a 2 for 1 sale on prints of 16×16 and above, and I believe in passing these things on. So if you ever wanted two of my large works — or perhaps one for you and one for a friend? Get me an order before January 25th.

(Perhaps this one, which is at its stunning best when printed 24×36?)

(or this one, which is awesome at 16×16 or 20×20?)

Both pieces (and others) can currently be viewed at Balderdash Art and Books on Greenwood Ave all month.

Send me e-mail at sales AT, and I will make you a custom invoice.

(Does not apply to MetalPrints)

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It’s an A La Carte Album Holiday Special!

*cue Bing Crosby and fake snowflakes*

I have, at of course entirely the last minute, found, and added to the A La Carte product line, these adorable mini albums; they come in sets of 3 and are surprisingly affordable:

Mini Accordion Albums

$50 for a set of three with linen or leatherette covers, or $60 with a photo cover. They can accommodate 4-10 images in the design; hi-res copies of the post-processed versions of your images are, as always, included.

Also, they have a super-fast turnaround, so I can take orders up until Dec. 12th and still deliver by Christmas (in the U.S.)

And for the Special in the holiday special, right now I am waiving the design fee on these entirely (normally $20), or I will make you a set FREE with an album design order of 72 images or more until the end of the year.

(I know what how my folks are getting their yearly “pictures of the grandkids” dose this year! Luckily, none of them read my blog.)

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Black Friday: you don’t really want to drive to the mall, do you? (where I, and many other fabulous artists of my acquaintance or far-off admiration, have work up) is doing 15% off t-shirts, hoodies, canvas, and framed prints as their Black Friday special. (discount good through Monday)

So on Friday, I recommend it to your attention, in particular the work of these fine artists

  • Mike Stimpson – Internet-famous for recreating famous movie posters with storm trooper legos.
  • Lynnette Shelley — myth-inspired pastel artist also known in my house as the Best Client Ever.
  • Heather Freeman – pen and ink artist working with social justice and magickal themes.
  • Patricia Ariel – gorgeous watercolors — think Magical Realism meets Stephanie Pui-Man Law
  • Johan Thörnqvist – quirky, fabulous, Swedish illustrations
  • And then there’s me.
  • And, of course, in other venues, both Tammy and I are doing free shipping sales on our respective shops: Steampunk Jewelry and Accessories by T.M. Originals and Photography, photoillustration and photo jewelry.

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    Free Shipping (Holiday Sale)

    I had originally planned to do the more traditional “starts Cyber Monday” holiday sale in my ArtFire shop, but, well, I spent the morning at the auto body shop.

    SO I’ve changed the dates. From now until December 15th Free Shipping (in the US and Canada) on everything but albums. Use coupon code FREESHIP2010 (there is a reminder widget at the shop itself.)

    Also, I will be adding new work over the next week, and if you would like to buy a print of an image not yet in the shop, just e-mail or convo me, and I’ll set it up.

    And if you were hankering after one of the large framed pieces I’ve been showing recently, they are still available (local buyers only: King and Snohomish county), except Dandelions in Blue Vase (but I’d be happy to make another one for you, it will just take a few weeks, and I cannot guarantee the same frame style!)

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    Giveaway and Charity Auction Deadline Reminders

    Ending November 7th: Saving Grace Charity Auction: Any print, your choice. (Bid stands at $20 as of this writing)

    Ending November 9th: A La Carte Albums Giveaway (on the blog): 221 entries to date.

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    Charity Auction Pointer: You’re Saving Grace

    Once again, I am offering a choice of print in a worthy fandom charity auction: please check out the You’re Saving Grace auction. Notable offerings include really awesome knitted hat, A variety of rare BPAL, stunning pen and ink original art, a one of a kind key-and-leaf pendant, as well as one of Tammy‘s fab Tubular Herringbone bracelets and a bevy of antlers(!).

    Oh, and my entry is here.

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