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gee, maybe I should make some books for me…

I am in a take-a-breath moment in the holiday album design onslaught at the moment, and when I was putting some client albums up on blurb, I saw (clever them) a little popup about how they were doing notebooks now.  I tend to have 2-3 notebook/sketchbooks going at any one time, and it bums me out that the only ones I can usually find with gridded pages are moleskine, which aren’t the right size and aren’t pretty.

So I made one. It took maybe 10 minutes, and that’s NOT my book design expertise talking. I am pleased.  It’s mostly photos from the Oregon coast landscape photography workshop from 2009 because well, my camera and I don’t talk too much lately with all the busy.

The default layout has a picture every 7ish pages, and all the rest grid. On uncoated paper that can be written on. Yay!

(Yeah, that is an affiliate link, because I don’t mark up the blurb books I make, but I send them lots of business, so one of my colleagues pointed out that a bonus for me that doesn’t cost my customers anything is a good thing. And while I’ve got the business hat on, if you wanna go gonzo and make your own, HOLIDAYTHANKS gets you 25% off through “cyber monday” on books you make, and MERRY will work on other people’s books.)

And that is just a little something on top of this big gorgeous thing:

I started carrying a new kind of flush album; it’s really stripped down as flush albums go, with superthin pages, limited cover design choices, mostly things you only notice if you make a lot of albums, really, and all streamlining rather than quality reduction. And the pricing is amazing as such things go, right in the range a lot of my more “budget” clients are aiming for. (Budget being a relative term when you are talking about custom designed, handmade photo-page books.) So I needed samples, stat, but I was in love with the 12×12, and I didn’t have any 20 page 12×12 designs hanging out that I could use.  But, well, I did have a set of really awesome photos that are intended to be seen only REALLY LARGE and this thing is 2 feet wide when open, so …. I made myself a super luxe artist portfolio. That I totally got the studio sample discount on because I really am going to use it to show wedding album clients.

(Pictures are craptastic because it is raining and I haven’t fetched my lights back from the person I lent them to yet.)

12x12 skinny basic flush with black linen and cover inset, abstract botanical portfolio

12x12 portfolio open to purple tulip

for scale, that’s my cell phone:

Isn’t it pretty? I want to pet it. (You can see the whole design here if you like). The photos are smaller than they are when I show them as framed prints, but still big enough to get the right SO MUCH BIGGER THAN LIFESIZE effect.

(Sorry if this sounds super-promotey, but you have to understand, BOOKS! that I get to KEEP and USE instead of mailing away! It’s like working in a chocolate shop and never getting to eat any to do what I do normally. )

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Getting back on the horse

I finally feel like I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and engage with making new work for Norwescon. I still don’t know exactly where things are going, and my ideas involving blending genre with encaustic so far have all been waxy messes, but there will be a new Alchemist’s Orchards piece and there will be Space Beluga.

(I went to SeaWorld. I think I took 100 photos at the underwater beluga viewing tank. And then the mantas, and the turtles, and the dolphins….)

And who knows what I’m going to cook up with the supplies that arrived from Freestyle Photographic and Dharma Trading today (insert maniacal laugh here)… wearable art with tentacles?

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I did not manage to finish my sofobomo project this year in the allotted 30 days, due to an invasion of life and business … but that doesn’t mean I am not going to finish. I’ve now gotten proofs out to all 12 of the first (and only) shooting day models, and will be making the (35+image) book entirely from images that shoot:
My 2011 sofobomo models

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A short science break

Because cephalapods are cool. And inspiring. And fascinating:

Oh, have some octopus art while we are here, even though I’m sure I’ve posted it before:
Tentacles in Cyan and Sepia

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Candice and Kate

Candice #17, Sofobomo 2011, by Jeliza Patterson

Candice #36, Sofobomo 2011, by Jeliza Patterson

Candice Simone, who was a great model to work with — charming and professional.

Kate #10, Sofobomo 2011, by Jeliza Patterson

And my irrepressible friend Kate.

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12 days from project completion

Margo, a week and a half to go (Sofobomo 2011 project)

In between making this photograph and editing it, baby Chase went from ride-along to air breathing baby!

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Back from Oregon and back to portraiture

I’m back from Encausticamp, which was awesome, and that should eventually result in a) pictures of my favorite pieces I did there + a camp report and b) a whole lot of new encaustics; it’s been way too long since there has actually been new “hot wax” on this blog!

But before I can dive into all that, I need to resume with the Sofobomo [SOlo PHOto BOok in a MOnth] project I started just before I left; there will be one more shoot (probably this coming weekend, contact me if you are interested, same guidelines as in the original call for models) and here are a few, half-finished image; truthfully, I’m barely through my first edit, but these just leapt out at me:


Miski A.


Laura M.


Janey S.

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Call for models: July 10th Dramatic Portrait Project

On Sunday, July 10th I will be having a marathon shooting day of portraits to be used as the basis for this years Sofobomo project.

The portraits will be expressive and dramatically lit, in the vein of these portraits of Gloria and Seanne Marie:

Gloria (portrait by J. E. Patterson)

Seanne Marie (portrait by J. E. Patterson)

I am seeking models of all races, genders and most ages (over 18, please). You will be required to sign a model release. Models will be compensated with one large print, one full-resolution and 3 web-resolution files, and a license to use the images for personal and self-promotion uses.

Shoot will be happening in a studio in the Eastlake neighborhood. Sessions will be 20-30 minutes. Showing a lot of skin is optional, but clothing should be simple and not grab attention from the face. (I will have some clothing on hand as well.)

Please e-mail jane AT for details.

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1000 Steampunk Treasures

I feel like I can’t *quite* claim this as a true publishing credit, but some of the product photography I did of the fabulous jewelry of T.M. Originals (aka Tammy) got to ride along as she was published in the just-released 1000 Steampunk Creations from Quarry Books. To celebrate, and to give people visiting her booth at upcoming arts festivals a little something to remember her by, we put together this portfolio postcard:

June 2011 Promo Postcard for T. M. Originals (front)

June 2011 Promo Postcard for T. M. Originals (back)

Note: the product shots included are a mix of mine, Tammy’s, and her other photographer-friend, Carl.

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Photo Friday: Sundown

Sunset in the Gulf of Mexico

Sunset in the Gulf of Mexico

For Photo Friday: Sundown

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