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Breaking radio silence to let you know about some awesome print sales

(that wasn’t actually supposed to be radio silence, I have a big collection of drafted posts that didn’t get published, apparently, which I will fix over the coming weeks, because it is crazy-busy in Jeliza-land, and probably will stay that way for a few months)

Several really wonderful artists I am acquainted with are having special print sales right now that are really worth checking out:

1. Caryn Drexl is having a half-off sale this week only; there is a coupon code at her Etsy shop or you can order prints directly from her (including things not listed in Etsy)  You may well have seen her work on a book cover or two.

2. Laura Pelick is having a 25% off sale on all her prints through the end of August, which are giclee reproductions of her watercolor/tea paintings.

Go get some wonderful things for your walls. Or just go look at the lovely. But at least look, okay?

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Other People’s Lovelies: Recycled+Upcycled art and craft

Just like tumblr, I can totally get lost in the rabbit hole of looking at pretty pictures on artfire. This collection started from the wall pocket vase and the stunning little blue bowl, and took off from there.

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Songs+Videos that are currently making me happy

(In lieu of actual art content, because I am too busy in wedding album-land to make much right now. I hope these do not all autoplay for you.)

Some Seattle hiphop:

Blue Scholars “Fou Lee” Music Video from Blue Scholars on Vimeo.

Trippy new video for “Can’t Stand the Rain”:

Can’t Stand the Rain Official Music Video from The Rescues on Vimeo.

Everett funk+hiphop from 20 Riverside:

20 Riverside “Sing Your Song” from Cisco McCarthy on Vimeo.

And because I’d be lying if I claimed to be all indie all the time:
Master William himself:

and some more 80s hotness:

And Goldfrapp channelling the 80s to finish it off:

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Inspired by the masters of modern art (handmade)

(Because making collections is addictive)

I stumbled across a stunning beadwoven bracelet in a Mondrian-esque motif this morning, and immediately got distracted into seeing what other fabulous modern art inspired work I could find:

Handmade Gifts

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Peace and Tranquility

Because a little peace is a good thing… I was charmed to open my inbox this morning and discover I was part of this peaceful collection curated by Emma of Sovereign Sea Designs

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Inspiration can come from the oddest places

Despite having my mp3 player set to shuffle hard rock, today one of my favorite hymns — which I haven’t actually heard in years — got stuck in my head. So I made two collections to honor it:

Fine Art Paintings
Fine Art Paintings

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Found Friday: Mark Reep

I first found Mark Reep’s amazingly atmospheric charcoal & ink drawings years ago while looking in the WetCanvas fora for advice on dealing with my newfound love of compressed charcoal. He’s an artist I continually return to for inspiration.

No Earthen Vessel, 2003

No Earthen Vessel, 2003

I am just blown away by the delicacy of the work, and how much a sense of story and mystery is evoked by these unpeopled vistas.

Loch Morning

Loch Morning

Abandoned waterworks 2, Mark Reep, Charcoal, 2007

Abandoned waterworks 2, Mark Reep, Charcoal, 2007

Rain Tern Waterworks, Year Unknown; Mark Reep, Charcoal and Graphite, 2007

Rain Tern Waterworks, Year Unknown; Mark Reep, Charcoal and Graphite, 2007

Make sure to look at the Recent Work, and not just the Gallery, when you visit.

And, and he has a blog, too.

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Artfire feature: Get Happy

A little more curating to make the day a little more bright and shiny.

(I totally covet these hair accessories, which would look utterly ridiculous in my not-quite-inch-long-hair. Heh.)

Jewelry Supplies

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I love white space.

Before and After magazine has a lovely tutorial video about how to design without images; I spend almost all of my time designing without words, but I find that the use of white space, as discussed here, to be just as crucial. Often, a single image on a page with a generous blank border is more effective at bringing out the story in that image than would be the same image, full bleed, and certainly better than the page filled with small images with no room to breathe. White space (which is not necessarily white, of course) is crucial to directing the eye and giving your actual content space to speak.

And, completely unrelated, but hey, it’s also a video, one of my favorite giclee clients, Lynnette Shelley, has done a new time-lapse video of her recent painting The Forest King:

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Blue Skies and Critters

While I’m not claiming anything really, I would like to note that it was cloudy and grey when I started this collection, and now it is absolutely beautiful out:

Vintage Fashion

Fall has hit with a vengeance, and I was reminded last night on my way home from my (post-kid-bedtime) swimming class of my Mother’s tales of people’s hair freezing after swimming when she was at the University of Idaho. (Yes, I know it is not that cold here. But I’m a wimp.)

Photographically, I’ve been spending most of my time doing product shots lately, but I did get to take the new camera body along on a recent zoo visit, which was entertaining:

Kookaburra from Woodland Park Zoo

Previously unidentified bird now ID'ed as a Kookaburra, thank you Loree and Samantha!

Pacing Jaguar at the Woodland Park Zoo

The jaguar was doing quick circuits around the exhibit when we arrived, and at one point ran right next to the glass. I may have squeeed audibly.

The Lady...

The Lady....

... and the tiger

... and the tiger

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