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Nothing like a deadline to make me suddenly prolific

I’ve now filled out the bid tags for Norwescon next week. 13 pieces, and for the first time since my very first Norwescon art show, every single one is brand new. And only one (!) is a limited edition print, all the rest are mixed-media and jewelry of the OOAK variety.

This is entirely new territory for me; I haven’t faintest idea how much of this will be received, though I had a lot of fun making it, which is the most important part. It has been a great relief to move my fine art efforts to the “neat if it sells, but not something I must make work right now” category. Even if my album design work has sapped much of my art making time and energy, once I do get to go there, the lack of pressure is very freeing. Certainly, if I was worried about having to make a profit, doing experimental reverse painting on glass would not have been something I spent a lot of time on.  And frankly, knowing that my next forays into studio time will lack even the restriction of being genre appropriate is something I am looking forward to.

There is still framing to do, and two pieces need another hour or so to be completely finished, including the photoillustration, which has been sitting waiting in the “this needs something” state for almost two years; three days ago I realized that what it needed were birds and belugas, and I’m not quite done with making those photographs play well with a scene done entirely in Vue3d. And with the other I am still debating placement of the Buddha head. (I love that sentence for no good reason.)

There is a great deal “Why the hell not?” in this collection. And a certain amount of “I have no clue what to charge for this”, though her Javagoth-ness has been helpful on that front (and on many fronts, actually, I don’t think the jewelry thing would have really happened without her advice and pointers to good component sources.)

It is all going to be ridiculously hard to photograph, especially since I still haven’t picked up my studio lights. Or made a place to set them up.

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Norwescon 36 Panel Schedule

I will be once again showing in the art show and talking on panels at this year’s Norwescon, March 28-31.

The programming goddess, long may she be praised, has sent my schedule; changes are of course always possible, that being the nature of events:

  • A Print By Any Other Name…   Friday 9:00pm-10:00pm
  • Poly Parenting   Saturday 10:00am-11:00am
  • Art Show Tour with Jeliza Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm
    (As usual I will be talking more about other people’s work than my own, despite the standard description in the program; I tend to do these with my Art History/Art Criticism grad student hat on.)
  • Copyright and You   Sunday 10:00am-11:00am Cascade 13
  • The Business of Art   Sunday 11:00am-Noon Cascade 13
  • Intro to Health At Every Size   Sunday 1:00pm-2:00pm

And now I need to go turn a big stack of little cradled boards into a big stack of little space paintings. 🙂


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My Norwescon Schedule

This Easter weekend, I will be a talking head at the following panels at Norwescon:


5 pm, Branching out with your art


10 am, Business of art

11 am, Art Show tour

(this is listed in the program as talking about my art; I actually intend it to be an art show tour using my mad art criticism/art historical/art theory skills to discuss pieces the attendees are particularly interested in anywhere in the show)

2 pm, Poly Parenting

6 pm, Queer Voices in SF/F

At which I am the only non-writer and the only chick. No pressure. 🙂


11 am, Finding time to make art

1 pm, A print by any other name

I will also be showing digital and mixed-media work in the art show.

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Show updates and May special

Just as a quick update, if you want to see my work in person:

  • next weekend, fantasy and science fiction at Norwescon (Sea-Tac); I will also be on a few panels
  • 4 of my Lumen prints will be in the Photographic Center Northwest‘s Alumni New Work Show (Seattle) June 3 – July 15, 2011
  • Several different bodies of work simultaneously at the Night Kitchen, June-ish

Also, in honor of finding another awesome octopus photograph while going through my older film work, May will be Sealife Appreciation Month, with 15% off anything that lives in the briny deep (it was originally going to be Tentacle Appreciation Month, but the starfish felt left out.) I will also be posting 3 or 4 lovely tidepool-denizen photographs that are not yet online, plus the aforementioned octopus.

(The Aforementioned Octopus would be such an awesome band name.)

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Catching Up…

Gosh, it’s been a while. So, to sum up:

1. I will be a pro at Norwescon in 4 weeks; my panel discussions are all on Friday, and I will have stuff up in the Art Show. Should you be a con-goer who wishes something delivered, I will deliver to Norwescon.

2. A La Carte Albums is rapidly growing from my sideline into my full-on job. Which is both awesome in general, and slightly sad in that it means that at the end of a work day, the last thing I want to do is Photoshop, so there hasn’t been much/any new work worth showing in several months. (Though I’m hoping to have new traditional media pieces ready for Norwescon)

3. One of my pieces has risen from the depths of the flat file to become the cover for Nancy Fulda’s Backlash (e-book available at Smashwords) Originally published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, this novelette was listed in Tangent Online’s 2010 recommended reading list. It is also *exactly* the kind of story I had in mind when I created the piece, which gives me a very happy feeling. On a similar note, most fitting use of another of my older pieces at AnthologyBuilder is Ruth Nestvold’s anthology “Give that Girl a Sword!”

4. I will be showing a mix of work at The Night Kitchen in May-June

5. I will be attending Encausticamp, so there should be some waxy goodness to see come August.

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January Show: Photography at Balderdash Art & Books (+ Greenwood ArtUp!)

I will be showing a selection of the large-scale botanical abstract photographs at Balderdash Books and Art this January, starting the 3rd, and including an appearance at the Greenwood-Phinney ArtUp! Art Walk on Friday the 14th, if you want to see the art and my goofy face in the same place.

Tulip #140

Queen of the Night Tulip

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August Show: Bothell PizzaWorks

The next leg of the abstract flower tour will be a stopover this August much closer to my own neighborhood: at the PizzaWorks in Bothell. This will be a subset of the work from the Fremont show, with a few new pieces mixed in.

Pizzaworks is unique, in my experience of local pizzerias, for offering not only vegetarian, but also vegan, wheat-free, and gluten-free options.

(and I thank them not only for the opportunity to show, but also for another reprieve in figuring out where to store all these large framed prints. 🙂

I’m hanging today (the 2nd) so stop in between the 3rd and the 31st for a slice or a grinder, eh?

2 new photographs and one old one (and the first not-a-flower) will be making their framed debut tonight, assuming there isn’t some horrible mishap with the drill:

(Edited to add: while there were no power tool mishaps, there was an epic tantrum. So these three did *not* get framed in time, alas.)

Cherry Blossoms (#98)

Cherry Blossom #98 (from my Lapin cherry tree)

Tulip #140

Queen of the Night Tulip

Anemones in Pink and Green

Anemones in Pink and Green

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Upcoming Show: June 17-July 15th, at Ombu Spa in Edmonds (also Edmonds Art Walk)

Due to some last-minute serendipity, I will be showing my floral photography at Ombu Salon & Spa in Edmonds for the upcoming Edmonds Art Walk, and (most of) the show will remain up through mid-July. There will be at least two, maybe more, new pieces for people who saw the Fremont show I just took down. 🙂 And if the Edmonds Art Walk site is to be believed, there will be a wine tasting as well. 🙂

I am really excited about this –this will be my first show in my hometown (I’m so from Edmonds I used to dance around at games as “Bonnie Bengal” for the Edmonds High School Tigers. Fear my fierce school spirit!)

A new piece which may, or may not, be in this show:

Queen of the Night Tulips

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Last chance to see the show

Tomorrow is the last day my show will be up at Fremont Jewelry Design, so if you want to see it in person, I suggest you have lunch in Fremont tomorrow. 🙂

While some of the pieces in the show will also be at the Shoreline Arts Festival in 4 weeks, about half of it will not, and it probably will not be exhibited again in the next 6 months.

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Coming Up: Shoreline Arts Festival

June 26th and 27th you can find me, as well as fabulous jeweler Tammy of TM Originals, sharing a booth in the Artist Marketplace at the Shoreline Arts Festival. It will be my first time having a booth at an arts festival, and I am really excited (and a little scared).

I will be bringing pretty much everything — garden photography, science fiction photoillustration, big pieces, little pieces, pieces that I’ve never posted to the website, so come check it out. There will also be music, performances, and food. 🙂

I did a shoot last week with Tammy of some of her work and this is my favorite of the shots:

Steampunk-inspired beaded faux watch-fob with found object, by T.M. Originals

Steampunk-inspired beaded faux watch-fob with found objects, by T.M. Originals

I will also be doing greeting cards for the first time for this festival, though I haven’t been able to narrow it down to anywhere near the 10 designs I’m planning yet. Which means that sometime in the next three weeks, there will be a poll, with a giveaway attached. 🙂

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