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I’m feeling the love tonight

I’ve had work featured in 3 different Artfire collections this week, which is nice ego-boost:

Handmade Gifts
Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Paintings

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“Exploring Femininity”

Leaving the Garden has been featured in this lovely Artfire collection:

Handmade Gifts

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Aesthic musings (still waiting)

I think, when this current storm of activity mellows out and/or becomes routine, that I need to find a local leatherworker who needs some product photography. Because I do have a lot of jewelry/accessory ideas in my head, many incorporating my art, and well, most of them involve bold strips of leather. Because that’s just my aesthetic. (Yes, I’m going to see what I can do with canvas, which is still probably going to involve some “and you attach this how?” lessons, but is not as “I’m pretty sure there are special tools involved” as leather.)

Oh, and my ad isn’t up yet. *twitch*. I will, of course, post as soon as it is.

And in other news, ArcaneSociety twitterfic is back! Squeeeeeeeeee! (I amazed that Jayne Ann Krentz manages to be this prolific without dropping in quality, which pretty much no other romance author I’ve read has managed, which is why I don’t read some of them anymore. And am willing to patiently wait for my other favorites to do their only-one-book-a-year.)

And since this is turning into a X things makes a post, Heather at livingartist twittered I think the best Trash the Dress session which actually involves dress trashing (most of them don’t actually damage the dress) I’ve ever seen: Dress, Cheeze Balls, Paint, Bob Ross

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New charity auction: bidding starts July 15

My entry is here (which is my usual “your choice of print”). Bidding is from July 15 until July 30.

Information about the recipient are here. Information about bidding and offering is here.

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RIP, Louise Bourgeois

When I was at Tufts, they had one of her sculptures on display; I could spend hours with it.

Trailblazing sculptor Louise Bourgeois, 98, dies

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Free classes!

I just signed up with, which is offering a number of very cool free classes from the kinds of teachers you’d normally have to be quick on the draw and flush in the wallet to get a workshop from (Zack Arias! Art Wolfe!); it leans towards photography and tech (which is expected, with Chase Jarvis one of the creators) but I will be taking a Watercolor 101 class (since I already have the supplies, but now the know-how; it’s been *years* since I last really worked with watercolor.)

A few lucky Seattle folks might be able to attend these in-person, rather than telecast, for free, since they film here. Check it out.

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The fandom health care plan rides again

I am donating winner’s choice of any fine art print in the support auction for Deb Mensiger’s Liver Transplant; my particular auction is at this post. Check it out, pass it on; there are a number of fairly spectacular things being offered in this (original art by Charles Vess and Terri Windling!)

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Reminder: Reception tonight at Fremont Jewelry Design

Reception tonight for my show at Fremont Jewelry Design, as part of the Fremont First Friday Art Walk.
The show will be up for all of may, but if you come to the reception there will be a) me (eep!) pretending to not be shy, b) Nico Rich’s fabulous trunk show, c) free jewelry inspection/cleaning and 10% off retail items at FJD, and d) refreshments.

For those of you not familiar with FJD, it is on Fremont Place N, east from the Lenin Statue, between Deluxe Junk and Silence Heart Nest.

And here are a few more of the new pieces that will be up:

Tulip in the wind


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It’s official: Floral Explorations showing at Fremont Jewelry Design

It’s on the Fremont First Friday Blog and everything!

The show will be up by May 5th and be up all month, but the reception, which includes a trunk show of fabulous jewelry by Nico Rich, and discounts on FJD‘s normal stock, is the 7th, from 6-9.

I’m really excited about this show (even if the body of work still desperately needs a better name) and hope to see some of you there!

Here are some of the photographs I’ll be showing, some on this amazing new metal substrate that’s so yummy I want to lick it:


White Carnation against yellow


Light raking across purple dahlias


black-and-white cactus dahlia


Japanese Maple with fuschia samaras

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Print in Charity Auction

I am currently offering a print in the “Save Liz” charity auction, in the grand tradition of internet people helping to save their own.

Please go check it out, and boost the signal.

My auction listing is here

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