Camilla’s Lament

Author Madame X

I’m called little Rottweiler,
Mean little Rottweiler,
Tho’ I could never say why.
But still I’m called Rottweiler,
Poor little Rottweiler–
‘Cause I’m not pretty like Di!

I tried to appease them but I just can’t please them
I wear nice tweed suits and old pearls.
I’m not a “Sloane Ranger,” I’d muck out a manger;
I’ve bad teeth like all British girls!

I thought we’d be wed when she met El-Fayed,
So I found something borrowed and blue.
But one day I read that Diana was dead–
And our wedding plans went down the loo!

So pity your Rottweiler,
Poor single Rottweiler,
Bad news for Charles and I.
I’ll die as a Rottweiler,
Unmarried Rottweiler.
Oh, why did that silly Di die?

(added June 2003)


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