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I am the very model of a modern labour minister : a tribute to the national id card

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Camilla’s Lament

Author Madame X

I’m called little Rottweiler,
Mean little Rottweiler,
Tho’ I could never say why.
But still I’m called Rottweiler,
Poor little Rottweiler–
‘Cause I’m not pretty like Di!

I tried to appease them but I just can’t please them
I wear nice tweed suits and old pearls.
I’m not a “Sloane Ranger,” I’d muck out a manger;
I’ve bad teeth like all British girls!

I thought we’d be wed when she met El-Fayed,
So I found something borrowed and blue.
But one day I read that Diana was dead–
And our wedding plans went down the loo!

So pity your Rottweiler,
Poor single Rottweiler,
Bad news for Charles and I.
I’ll die as a Rottweiler,
Unmarried Rottweiler.
Oh, why did that silly Di die?

(added June 2003)

New format, classic content

This is still the same Gilbert and Sullivan Parody Archive you have known and loved since, er, sometime before 1999? The old site structure was not so pretty, and a pain to update, so it kind of fell into disuse. But I would like to fix all that, so I’m going to be using WordPress as a light CMS to make it much easier to keep up with fast-breaking news in the, uh, not so fast paced world of Gilbert and Sullivan parodies. Each Operetta has its own category, with each song going into it is own individual post. Freshly added parodies will show on the main, blog-esque page.

If I get a big burst of energy, I’ll try to cross-index by subject or author, but since I have two jobs, three websites, and two kids, don’t hold your breath on that front.