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Three Stupid Marshmellows

Author: Dara Lind

We’re three stupid marshmallows
Three stupid marshmallows
We’re not especially bright
Giant but dumb we are
Come from a planet far
Never get anything right

We’re three stupid marshmallows
Three stupid marshmallows
We’ve got this planet in sight
We come to invade it
Its power? We’ll raid it
So Earth cannot put up a fight

Note: This is Dara’s first G&S parody. She is nine years old and at the time of writing was completing the fourth grade at Montgomery Elementary School. This was written for an Odyssey of the Mind competition.

He Calls Me His Coroner

(Author Unknown)

(Solo for Natalie Lambert of Forever Knight)

He calls me his coroner, sweet little coroner,
Though he will never say more;
He calls me his coroner, dear little coroner,
Sometimes it is really a bore!

I’m bright and I’m beautiful, cheerful and dutiful,
What more can I possibly be?
I’m dateless and clueless, but still I don’t rue less
The night that I hope he’ll take me!

I know he is shirking with all of this lurking
Around the night coroner’s joint;
He just keeps on flirting, but golly I’m hurting
When he never arrives at the point!

He tells me his reasons in all kinds of seasons,
That’s all that I’m good enough for;
I want some reaction and not just a fraction;
I’m sick and I’m tired of no score!