(Sondheim’s Song) I am the very model of a cult broadway phenomenon

Author: Lolly

I am the very model of a cult broadway phenomenon
Tho some may find my music soporific not insomnium
My Lyrics were not cynic when ‘comp’nied by a Bernstein score
But trickier and sickier, applied to barbers carnivore
Thos audience disparages, SoHo residents Fascinate
by Greenwich village marriages and presidents assasinate
In Night Music, Send the Clowns was verily a droller song
than bitter bit of patter pert in Merrilly We Roll Along

Tho’ Follies was so jolly good, the public would defeat us – hey
they only came Into the Woods to see Bernadette Peters play
Sunday in the Park with George, and Company would often ease
The box office that struck out when I copied Aristophenes

I’ll have to find another theme – I’ll search and search and search in vain
I know I’ll write a musical ’bout Desert Storm, and S’dam Hussein
It seems today the public prefer shows that have a bomb in ’em
I am the very model of a cult Broadway phenomenon


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