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Space Jewelry

A little (magenta) sunshine

magenta cocktail ring with silver swiirl


I’m loving this new ring form — is the outside swirl a sun, or a diagram of an atom? You choose.
Adjustable ring; center cabochon is 1 inch in diameter.


I sadly cannot be at Worldcon in person this year, but a lot of wonderful art, including my own (she said humbly), will be there.

Here’s a sample of my pieces that will be in the main art show:

variety of space jewelry showing at MidAmericon 2

And this pendant, “Snow Queen”, that will be in the charity auction on Sunday to benefit both AboutSF and the Orlando Pulse attack victim’s fund.

"Snow Queen" sparkling teardrop pendant

Other standout artists in the art show are TM Originals who is showing elegant steampunk jewelry and Teri Halbert with
quilted bags.

Not every nebula gets a cool name

painted pendant of green and white nebula

I just listed this piece in my shop which is inspired by a nebula with the distinctly not memorable name of LBN 114.55+00.22

Not every piece of space gets to be the Pillars of Creation, or the Tarantula nebula but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

It’s all about the lighting

sidelighting showing the translucence in hand painted glass jewelry


One of the things I love best about the effect of doing reverse painting on glass is how differently each piece can look depending on what angle light is coming into it, and almost glow.  These pieces were lined up waiting to be shipped off to the Westercon Art Show when I noticed the lovely sidelighting.



Next 3 Shows: June and early July

My next three SF convention art shows are:

Leprecon, June 23-26, Phoenix, Arizona


CONvergence, June 30-July 3, Twin Cities, Minnesota

Deep space pendants heading to CONvergence

Westercon, July 1-3, Portland, Oregon

4 hand-painted space pendants to be shown at Westercon 69 art show


Cherry Blossom hand-painted adjustable bracelet


We’ve been on a Studio Ghibli kick at the house lately, and my daughter decided that this piece reminded her of all the cherry blossom imagery. If only all pieces were this easy to name!

Painting from Hubble

At the Astronomical Art panel at Norwescon this past weekend, the three artists from the International Association of Astronomical Artists (Joy Day, Jeff Sturgeon, and Bill Hartmann) mentioned that their members talked about a continuum from the “swirlies” whose approach is space inspired fantasy without getting too into specific details, and at the other end those who strive for as much scientific accuracy as possible.  While definitely most of my work falls into the swirly end of things — I spend some time at APOD and then put reference away before painting — I have also attempted a few more specific interpretations of my favorite astronomical subjects.

At this point, I’ve done at least three pieces trying to capture Zeta Oph and its shock wave (all before I started taking good pictures of my jewelry, unfortunately)

Some of my favorites:



nebula heart painted portrait

Heart of NGC 2818
This received a “Special Mention” from the Artist Guest of Honor Janny Wurtz at the Norwescon 39 Art Show.
hand painted star cluster pendant

Open Star Cluster NGC 602

hand painted portrait of ring galaxy zw II 28

Ring Galaxy – Zw II 28

In a golden mood

I’ve been very enamored of working with metallic gold recently:

Phoenix - space inspired painted pendant


painted pendant in gold, baby blue and pinkSpring Dance

Eye of the Universe - painted pendant in gold blue and green

Eye of the Universe

thinking about Hoth

two views of a domed pendant on an ice world theme

Ice planets have been on my mind lately.

Two views because the rainbow streak is an artifact of the light from the scanner, not part of the piece. (Someday I will fall in love with a medium that isn’t difficult to photograph accurately. But probably not this year.)

abstractly pink

two vertical rectangular painted pendants in vibrant colors

two new pendants; the one on the right needs a video, I think, to really convey what’s happening with the metallic gold.

2016’s first batch of new pretties

With the new year comes new work:

collection of sparkling space inspired necklaces

Some of these will be first shown at Radcon (Pasco) or CondorCon (San Diego) and some will land in the online shop that I am putting together BUT they won’t be there until after February 8th; if you see something you want, e-mail me and I will keep it for you.

Except the horizontal blue one. That one’s mine forever.

(There are still things up at my artfire, mostly flat art, but it is being un-cooperative right now when I try to add things.)

happiness is a new tool

I’ve recently added alcohol inks to my art supply bin and am really excited about the possibilities this has opened up; in particular, I can get translucent watercolor-style effects with them that are entrancing, and that vibe has carried over even to some pieces that aren’t using the inks. Here are my recent favorites:

415-69+72-1 415-69+72-2

Tropical Sea and Cloudrift, 1 inch square pendants


Witch’s Moon – 1.5 inch round pendant


Bad Moon Rising – 30mm round pendant


Klimtian Sky – 1 inch pendant.

Realistically, any time the metallic gold ink comes out, things get all Vienna Secession pretty darn quickly.


Klimtian Sky

Klimtian Sky hand painted pendant 415-18

1 inch hand-painted pendant; reverse painted on glass cabochon

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon hand-painted pendant“Midnight Moon” 1×2 inch reverse painted glass pendant

Midnight Moon hand-painted pendant

Space Sargasso pendant


Space Sargasso — nebula scene in ocean-inspired colors – 23x48mm Glass cabochon in base silver-tone metal pendant bezel; protected side of glass is reverse painted with many layers of nail enamel and glitter. Available on my artfire shop
Space inspired large rectangle painted nebula pendant

Milky Way (pendant)


“Milky Way” 20mm reverse painted glass pendant


Glass cabochon in base silver-tone metal pendant bezel; protected side of glass is reverse painted with many layers of nail enamel and glitter.


Hi New People!

I am so pleased and grateful for the response I received at Norwescon to my new direction in painted jewelry; as you might notice, there isn’t anything like it up here yet; I will be getting better photographs of the remaining pieces sometime in the next week and start putting them up both here and in my artfire shop properly, and change the website structure to something that works with that new direction, but for now, here are some photos to jog your memory of why you picked up that business card. These were mostly taken before the pieces were set into their pendant bezels:IMG_7685_0207_web

Dreamsea, Distant Galaxies (sold), Starwave, Starfall (sold)


Dreamsea, Vincent’s Nebulae, Crystal Reef


Space Battle (sold), Tiger Tiger


Lionheart (sold)


Ice Storm (sold)


Blue Planetary Nebula, Kuiper Belt, Milky Way

(If what caught your eye was the metalprint, that is already posted: “Floral System 2“)