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Painting from Hubble

At the Astronomical Art panel at Norwescon this past weekend, the three artists from the International Association of Astronomical Artists (Joy Day, Jeff Sturgeon, and Bill Hartmann) mentioned that their members talked about a continuum from the “swirlies” whose approach is space inspired fantasy without getting too into specific details, and at the other end those who strive for as much scientific accuracy as possible.  While definitely most of my work falls into the swirly end of things — I spend some time at APOD and then put reference away before painting — I have also attempted a few more specific interpretations of my favorite astronomical subjects.

At this point, I’ve done at least three pieces trying to capture Zeta Oph and its shock wave (all before I started taking good pictures of my jewelry, unfortunately)

Some of my favorites:



nebula heart painted portrait

Heart of NGC 2818
This received a “Special Mention” from the Artist Guest of Honor Janny Wurtz at the Norwescon 39 Art Show.
hand painted star cluster pendant

Open Star Cluster NGC 602

hand painted portrait of ring galaxy zw II 28

Ring Galaxy – Zw II 28

In a golden mood

I’ve been very enamored of working with metallic gold recently:

Phoenix - space inspired painted pendant


painted pendant in gold, baby blue and pinkSpring Dance

Eye of the Universe - painted pendant in gold blue and green

Eye of the Universe

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon hand-painted pendant“Midnight Moon” 1×2 inch reverse painted glass pendant

Midnight Moon hand-painted pendant

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Acrylic on canvas. 2006.
Prints and Cards available